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Improve Code Quality and Automate your Code Review

SourceLevel analyses every pull request using different linters and open-source static analysis tools. Identify security issues, code duplication, and style issues. Improve code quality and focus your time on strategic decisions.


Automate your Code Review with Linters

We run multiple linters against pull requests. A robot insert comments telling developers about the issues found right into the related line. It runs on every git push.

Daily Code Review Metrics

Filter by linter or by kind, and check the lines around the line that raised the issue. Still in doubt? Open it on GitHub. There's no need to browse your repository files.

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Comprehensive Code Review Tool

SourceLevel analyses codebases written in most popular programming languages and formats used in the market. Currently we support more than 30 linters.

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Keep track of Code Quality

SourceLevel informs the number of added and fixed issues for each Pull Request, so you are in control of every change. The best tool for maintaining a healthy codebase is visibility!

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How does SourceLevel Work?

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  1. Create your Account

    Create your account using GitHub or GitLab, and you're ready to start improving your code health.

  2. Connect your GitHub Organization

    Connect your GitHub or GitLab Organization to SourceLevel and add your repositories.

  3. Start improving code quality and focusing on what matters

    Have your pull requests automatically reviewed, create a strategy to attack code smells, and follow the history of quality daily.

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