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Engineering Performance Metrics

Do you know where the bottlenecks of your development flow are? How healthy is your software engineering process? SourceLevel can get visibility on your development flow and help you make informed decisions.

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How does SourceLevel Work?

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    Start getting insights from SourceLevel's visualizations. See your pull request data through time and filter by teams.

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Metrics to Drive Performance in Engineering Teams

Take a look at some of the data visualizations you'll be able to see at SourceLevel.

  • Throughput

    Throughput vs. Lead-time Percentiles

    An alternative to measuring your team velocity with story or function points is throughput. The Weekly Pull Request Throughput is the number of pull requests closed in a given week.

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  • Control Chart

    filter metrics by team

    Control Chart

    The control chart plots the lead time for every open and closed pull request in a period. It's an excellent tool to visually understand how many days pull requests take to be closed or merged.

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  • PRs Need Attention

    Pull Requests Needing Attention

    The list shows possible neglected work ordered by priority. Priority considers lead time, how many days pull requests are stale, number of reviews, number of comments, modified lines (added and deleted), and the number of changed files.

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