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Improve Code Quality and Measure Engineering Performance on GitLab

Save time and improve code quality with automated code review. Get visibility over your development process. Measure Merge Requests, spot bottlenecks, and act on them.

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GitLab Merge Requests as Insights

SourceLevel is a solution made for software engineering teams. A one-stop-shop to automate your code review with linters and use merge request metrics to improve development flow.

Improve Code Quality with Automated Code Review

Run 30+ linters for each Merge Request

SourceLevel plugs into many linters — such as ESLint, pylint, and rubocop — that cover many programming languages — such as Python, JavaScript, Elixir, Ruby, and Go.

Get issues directly in the Merge Request

SourceLevel comments problems found by the linters straight to the Merge Request. It integrates the linting process to engineers’ workflow, which ignites healthy discussions, and lessens the code smells and technical debts. Inline commenting is coming soon!

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Use Merge Request Metrics to Improve Development Flow

Measure Lead Time and Throughput of your Merge Requests

Track number of closed/merged pull requests and Lead Time percentiles week by week. Understand the pace and healthiness of the development process. Spot bottlenecks and act on them.

See Merge Requests Needing Attention

Get a unique view of all Merge Requests in your project’s repositories in a prioritized way. Priority takes into account: the lead time, idleness, and the number of comments and approvals. Work on what matters!

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  2. Connect your GitLab Organization

    Connect your GitLab Organization to SourceLevel and add your repositories.

  3. Start getting visibility on your engineering process

    Have your merge requests automatically reviewed, and start using metrics on meeting and status reports to improve performance.

SourceLevel is Free for Small Teams

SourceLevel is free forever to teams up to 5 collaborators. We’re the cheapest SaaS in the segment. See for yourself!

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