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Merge Request Metrics

Get visibility over your development process. Measure Merge Requests, spot bottlenecks and act on them.

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Visibility for Engineering Teams

SourceLevel is a solution made for software engineering teams. By connecting your GitLab account you can gather metrics to track your team's progress.

Merge Request Lead Time

The Merge Request Throughput is the number of merge requests closed in a given week. For managers, it is important to track this metric. Ideally, it should vary as few as possible because it means that the team is working in a healthy and sustainable pace.

Merge Request Histogram

Histograms are an accurate representation of the distribution of numerical data. In practice, it's a bar chart that shows the number of closed pull requests (Y-Axis) grouped by the number of days they stayed open (X-Axis). The higher the bars in the left, the faster merge requests get merged.

filter metrics by team

Filter by Groups

Filter metrics by groups. Use filters to see metrics by each group over time. See evolution of your merge requests. It's an excellent tool to visually understand how many days merge requests take to be closed or merged.

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