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How Engineering Managers
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SourceLevel turns Software Engineers' daily activities into actionable metrics. With GitHub and GitLab integration, it reveals the big picture of how your team is working.


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Pull Request Metrics

Easily look for Throughput and Pull Request Lead Time correlation in a weekly basis.

Compare weeks against historical data to spot bottlenecks and unhealthy behaviors.

filter metrics by team

Filter data by team

Vizualize the history filtered by team, so you can better understand how each one works.

You can also filter multiple teams at a time. For instance, you can select Store, Billing and Checkout teams to see how they perform together.

Prioritized list of WIP

SourceLevel lists open Pull Request from all monitored repositories in a single table. They are ordered by priority, which takes into account its lead time, idle time, number of approvals and comments, and its size and impact.

Lead Time Histogram

How is Lead Time distributed?

Better than having an average or median of the team's Lead Time, is to visualize each Pull Request Lead Time in a histogram.

It's very easy to analyze this chart:
the more to the left, the faster the team ships code!

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