Metrics for Engineering Managers Online Course

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    What you'll Learn in the Metrics for Engineering Managers Course

    Why Should you Measure Engineering ?

    You'll learn how measuring can improve business alignment and improve the team's sense of progress. You'll also get a glimpse of which performance indicators you should track.

    What should you Measure?

    In this module, you'll see the difference between Product Metrics, Engineering Metrics, DevOps Metrics, and Software Metrics and how to use them.

    Tracking Main Engineering Metrics

    In this module, we'll take a deep dive into Engineering Delivery Metrics. You'll see the main metrics, and how they create the full picture of the health of your engineering process.

    Getting your Team On Board

    In this module, you'll learn how to get your team on board with the use of metrics. Communication on the process, using the metrics to identify situations and improve delivery. Measuring the flow, not individuals.

    Setting KPIs and Choosing OKRs

    In this module, we'll see two ways to put metrics into use. Setting Key Performance Indicators for your team and aligning them to business objectives. You'll also learn when to use OKRs and how to set engineering Objectives and Key Results.

    How to Report to C-levels

    In the final module, you'll get everything you need to report engineering performance to other leaders and C-levels in your organization. You'll get the answers to questions like How to choose the right metrics to present? How to prove engineering value?

    Who is this Course for?

    This online course is tailor-made for engineering leaders, tech teams, and CTOs. For all of those who wish to take a data-driven approach to software engineering processes, and who want to understand and use data to explore engineering challenges..

    Engineering Managers

    For new engineering managers who wish to improve deliveries and use data to make better decisions.

    Senior Software Engineers

    For those who senior engineering that already has a leadership role in their organization. Engineers taking the next step in a career ladder.

    With George Guimarães

    George has 12+ years of experience in Software Development, Leadership, Business Development, and Digital Products.He's the CEO and co-founder of SourceLevel, and proud ex-Plataformatec, the company behind Elixir.

    Read more about George's blog posts and talks.

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