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What is your most challenging dilemma?

Scaling up the team

Do you need more visibility on what your engineering team is working on and the quality of the deliveries?

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Defining OKRs or KPIs

Do you need to measure your engineering process, but have little or no idea what to measure?

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Improving Code Quality

Do you need to reduce Technical Debts and increase the collaboration and code quality of the repositories?

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SourceLevel is changing — we launched a Data & Analytics Platform for Engineering Teams

I’m very excited to announce that SourceLevel is changing, but our mission remains the same. When I started working on SourceLevel —…

The Engineering Manager’s Playbook for high-performing teams

Succeeding as a Tech Lead

Metrics for Engineering Managers Online Course

FREE: Keep Track of the Engineering Initiatives with This Template

Decoding Code Review And Pull Requests E-book

3 Classic Books for Tech Leads (or those aspiring to be)

Books are the best resource for sharing knowledge in a not-assisted way. They go deep into a topic, or more briefly over…

Linters — unleashing the power of Static Code Analysis

Webinar Arquitetando Sistemas para a Jornada Cloud Native

Some advice for Developers transitioning to Tech Leader position

Becoming a Tech Leader implies in more responsibilities. Your toolkit must include new skills. Besides designing, writing, and reviewing code, tech leaders…

Tech Lead — everything Software Engineers need to know to become a great Technology Leader

Webinar: 1:1s e Gestão de Equipes de Tecnologia

Pull Requests checklists, metrics and best practices, a definitive guide

5 responsibilities of a Tech Lead and 17 metrics to track their performance

Tech lead, team lead, software architects, and engineering managers — as any developer already knows, naming is hard. Throughout the industry, those…

5 Strategies to Boost Software Deliveries in Any Company

Webinar Gestão e Trabalho Remoto em tempos de quarentena

Metrics for Engineers Nano Course

Webinar Métricas Ágeis e Métricas de Engenharia

Code Review Nano Course

Webinar Elixir

Webinar DDD e Arquitetura Orientada a Eventos

Webinar Decodificando o Code Review

Technology Landscape in Brazilian Startups and Companies

Webinar Como Consertar o Fluxo de Desenvolvimento de Produtos

Webinar Métricas para Equipes de Desenvolvimento

Measuring Engineering Teams: actionable metrics for managers

Everything about Code Review: from Peer Review to Automated Code Review

Software Engineering Newsletter