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Best pratices, references and guides on software engineering.

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Measuring Engineering Teams: actionable metrics for managers

Read our complete guide on engineering metrics. Learn why and how to gather metrics on engineering teams.

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Everything about Code Review: from Peer Review to Automated Code Review

Our complete guide about code review, with different approaches, best practices, automated code review.

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Code Review Email Course

Seven daily emails about code review, best practices, different approaches, how to review a Pull Request, and more!

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Management and Remote Work in Quarantine

Ronaldo Marciano from Creditas talked about managing and building a team during the quarantine.

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Two people discuss while looking to a computer.

Agile Metrics and Engineering Metrics

We invited Raphael Albino and Breno Campos to discuss and answer questions about metrics.

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Ask me Anything about OTP and Elixir

Amanda Sposito and João Britto are the guests in this webinar, answering all questions on Elixir and OTP.

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DDD And Event-Oriented Architechture

We invited Diego Rossini and Rondy Sousa to a live chat about DDD and Event-Oriented Architecture.

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How to Fix your Product's Development Flow

Our guest Wesley Zapellini discussed strategies to understand and and fix your developement flow.

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Decoding Code Review - with Elaine Watanabe

We invited Elaine Watanabe to talk about Code Review, best practices, communications and checklists.

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Two people discuss while looking to a computer.

Metrics for Engineering

Our CEO George Guimarães hosted a Webinar about using metrics on scaling engineering teams.

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