DORA and Pull Request metrics for data-driven teams

Unlock the full potential of Software Engineering Teams

SourceLevel provides metrics and insights from GitHub and GitLab, including Lead Time, Throughput and Engagement.

Our product brings visibility over every corner of the delivery pipeline in a Data & Analytics Solution for Engineering Ops.

14 day trial. No Credit Card Required.

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Accelerate deliveries and mature engineering practices

Data for 1:1s

Never go empty-handed again for a 1:1 or performance review. Use historical data for a better overview.

Define OKRs that matter

Focus on Objectives and Key Results that are actionable by teams and individuals and are connected to business goals.

Data-driven Retrospectives

Rise questions that are really important on improving an excellent flow, instead of discussing tangential topics.

Build Elite Teams

Track metrics regularly for fast feedback to achieve agile nirvana.

Look After Remote Teams

Organizations moving to remote work often rely on ad-hoc conversations and have poor visibility. SourceLevel provides Collaboration and Engagement metrics that will help you see where improvements are needed.

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Promote Engineering Ops

Managing Software Teams without tools and methodology is hard. We’re here to help.

Are you ready to accelerate Engineering Success?

14 day trial. No credit card required. Plug and play. $5 per collaborator. 

Consulting experience re-packed as SaaS

SourceLevel is a spin-off from top-tier software consulting company Plataformatec (acqui-hired by Nubank in 2020 and also the company behind the Elixir programming language).

Our leadership team acted as consultants and advisors to CTOs with teams ranging from a dozen to hundreds of software engineers.

We used a lot of metrics to guide us on prioritizing improvements to the software flow. A lot of them didn’t work. Some of them really helped us. That’s why we built SourceLevel.

Software Engineering Management ebooks

e-Books we wrote based on our experience leading and scaling teams.

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Decoding Code Review and Pull Requests

Practical handbook on creating and reviewing Pull Requests.

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Succeeding as a Tech Lead

Create and evangelize a Technical Vision with support from your peers.

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