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Save time in pull request reviews

SourceLevel checks your Pull Requests for issues and let your team focus its energy and time on much more critical decisions like user experience, architectural design and business compliance.

Continuously improve your code

Get immediate and continuous feedback on changes. Identify and correct issues on style, code complexity and clarity, duplication, security and more.

No more guessing about code smells

Find out where you should focus your code refactoring without guessing. Measure, prioritize and pay back your technical debt.

and CTOs

Keep tabs on your code quality

Track how your code changes over time and have this information accessible to your whole team. Known when technical debts are introduced to your code base and which parts of it are in better shape than others.

Develop your team skills

Your team learns with the code as the code gets reviewed. Increase their collaboration and avoid unnecessary conflicts during code reviews.

Customize and refine your reviews

SourceLevel uses the Plataformatec style guide and style standards as a starting point, but you can bring your own configurations and guidelines and SourceLevel will follow them when reviewing your code.

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SourceLevel automates code reviews for style, duplication, security issues and more so your team can ship better code faster and safer.

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