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SourceLevel is the most cost-efficient solution for Software Engineering Metrics. See how we compare to competitors.

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Track the Engineering KPIs and OKRs with accurate and reliable metrics used experienced technology leaders around the globe.

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Stop listening that Engineering is the bottleneck

Improve your team’s performance and show off the progress to the board and executives.

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Discuss your real-time metrics with our Specialists and find how to elevate your team’s performance. We’ll help you to trace a plan.

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Frequent Asked Questions

How SourceLevel works?

SourceLevel collects data from GitHub and GitLab organizations, and transform them into Engineering Metrics.

Who SourceLevel is for?

SourceLevel is designed to technology leaders, such as Tech Leads, Engineering Managers, and CTOs.

Does SourceLevel integrate with GitHub?

Yes. It fully integrates with GitHub.

Does SourceLevel integrates with GitLab.com and Self-Managed?

Yes, it fully integrates with GitLab and Self-Managed.

Which metrics does SourceLevel provide?

SourceLevel currently provides metrics based on Pull Request activities. All the metrics can be filtered by teams or repositories.