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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t SourceLevel measure averages?

SourceLevel prefers using percentiles instead of averages because averages hide too much information when working with metrics that vary too much, such as velocity.

What do 75th and 95th percentile mean?

Let’s see an example to understand better what they mean. If your organization’s Time to Merge is 14 hours, it means that 75% of all Pull Requests merged in the period was merged up to 14 hours.

The same applies to the 95th percentile. So whatever the metric is, the 95th percentile means that 95% of all analyzed data are below that number.

Why does SourceLevel use 75th and 95th percentiles?

The 75th percentile gives more visibility to the engineering team. It’s a great compromise between optimistic and realistic views. It’s become almost an standard for anyone using metrics for process flow.

The 95th percentile shows an even bigger picture of the teamwork, excluding the 5% that can be considered outliers.

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