5 Strategies to Boost Software Deliveries in Any Company

with graphics and examples

Wesley Zapellini shared his vast experience in Managing Agile Teams in this 35-pages long e-book.

Finally, someone summarized in 5 practical strategies on how to improve any software development workflow.

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Software Developers, Engineers,
and Tech Leads


The ebook is accessible to Software Developers & Tech Leads. They will understand the dynamics of the development flow and perceive the value of teamwork in the final deliveries.

Engineer Managers, Agile Coaches & Product People


Wesley Zapelinni addresses practices in the whole development process. Managers, Coaches, and Product People must defend and promote these 5 strategies. That's why reading this e-book is crucial.

VPs, CTOs, CEOs,
and other Executives


To these 5 strategies to work, they need support from the high management. The content address, for instance, metrics and reports that can help executives to follow development healthiness.