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Get visibility for your team progress and development flow with SourceLevel Automated Code Review and Team Metrics.

CODE REVIEW metrics 

How does SourceLevel work?

Code Quality

SourceLevel analyses your code using different open-sourced tools and keeps everything smooth for you to follow your team's progress. Find the numbers of fixed and added issues for master and each pull request and make decisions based on real data.

  • Daily Metrics Collected

    SourceLevel aggregates all issues for each repository by kind, so you can take action before it is too late.

    Compare your code quality metrics day by day.

  • All issues in a single page!

    Easily spot low hanging fruits, filter by linter or by kind, and check the lines around the line that raised the issue. Still in doubt? Open it on GitHub. There's no need to browse your repository files.

  • You are in control!

    SourceLevel informs the number of added and fixed issues for each Pull Request, so you are in control of every change. The best tool for maintaining a healthy codebase is visibility!

Perfect for your codebase

SourceLevel analyses codebases written in most popular programming languages and formats used in the market.

Static Analysis

SourceLevel calculates cyclomatic complexity, duplication, style guide compliance, and code smells in a wide range of languages. Check our docs for details!

Security Issues

SourceLevel runs engines like Brakeman to ensure the most common development mistakes are not opening security breaches in your codebase.

All Platforms

In addition to Server-Side programming languages, SourceLevel also supports Swift, and Java, mostly used in mobile development, and CSS and JavaScript used for Web and modern Desktop development.

Engineering Metrics

Measure your development process. Tracking engineering metrics gives to managers visibility on teams' work, their strong points and deficiencies. Understand team dynamics, spot problem areas and fix them right away. Use metrics to align expectations with other teams and business goals.

  • Pull Requests Needing Attention 

    Pay attention to open pull requests from all the synced repositories. The list shows possible neglected work ordered by lead time, how many days pull requests are stale, number of reviews, number of comments, modified lines (added and deleted), and the number of changed files.

  • Throughput with Lead Time

    The Weekly Pull Request Throughput is the number of pull requests closed in a given week. As the lead time tells how many days each pull request remained open, the primary information of this chart is the correlation between the amount of work done by the time it took.

  • Lead Time Histogram

    The Lead Time Histogram is a bar chart that shows the number of closed pull requests (Y-Axis) grouped by the number of days they stayed open (X-Axis). The higher the bars in the left, the faster pull requests get merged.

  • Control Chart 

    The control chart plots the lead time for every open and closed pull request in a period. It's an excellent tool to visually understand how many days pull requests take to be closed or merged.

Code Quality & Productivity metrics for teams

SourceLevel analyses your code and keep everything smooth for you to follow your team's progress. See the Throughput, Lead Time and understand what pull requests need attention. Make decisions based on real data.
Health History

Check the impact of each decision you make and monitor your team engagement by keeping an eye on data.

Measure the process
With metrics, you can align expectations with other teams and understand the development flow, making adjustments as you see problems.
Take real data to board meetings

Go to meetings with real data on the team's deliveries and progress. Get visibility on your team's work and debate issues with other teams.

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