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SourceLevel reviews your pull requests so you can focus on high-level discussions. It also gathers information on cycle-time, size, and other essential metrics of your team's productivity.

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Create your account using GitHub, and you're ready to start improving your code health.

Add .sourcelevel.yml file

Enable or disable linters, and fine-tune them to match your guidelines. 100% customizable!

Increase your quality & productivity!

Have your pull requests automatically reviewed, create a strategy to attack code smells and other issues, and follow the history of quality daily.


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Start measuring your quality & productivity!

Daily metrics collected!

SourceLevel aggregates all issues for each repository by kind, so you can take actions before it is too late.

Compare your code quality metrics day by day.

All issues in a single page!

Easily spot low hanging fruits, filter by linter or by kind, and check the lines around the line that raised the issue. Still in doubt? Open it on GitHub. There's no need to browse your repository files.

You are in control!

SourceLevel informs the number of added and fixed issues for each Pull Request, so you are in control of every change. The best tool for maintaining healthy codebase is visibility!

Quality & Productivity metrics for you team

SourceLevel analyses your code using different open-sourced tools and keeps everything smooth for you to follow your team's progress. Find the numbers of fixed and added issues for master and each pull request and take decisions based on real data.
Health History

Check the impact of each decision you make and monitor your team engagement by keeping an eye on data.

Thorough Code Reviews
SourceLevel comments on your pull request, so your team won't miss an issue. Besides, new hires can benefit from discussions ignited from automated code review.

Open-Source Tools

SourceLevel extract metrics using multiple well maintained and modern tools throughout your codebase.

Perfect for your codebase

SourceLevel analyses codebases written in most popular programming languages and formats used in the market.

Static Analysis

SourceLevel calculates cyclomatic complexity, duplication, style guide compliance, and code smells in a wide range of languages. Check our docs for details!

Security Issues

SourceLevel runs Brakeman to ensure the most common development mistakes are not opening security breaches in your codebase.

All Platforms

In addition to Server-Side programming languages, SourceLevel also supports Swift, and Java, mostly used in mobile development, and CSS and JavaScript used for Web and modern Desktop development.

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