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Observability for Software Teams

Gain visiblity over the Product Delivery steps with our Plug & Play solution.

Get things done

Manage the Work In Progress to reduce the Cycle-Time, Time to Merge and Lead Time for Change.

Great for

  • Elaborating effective tactics based on long-running and stale Pull Requests
  • Prioritize the pending work in Stand-Up meetings

Filter by teams when using in a team’s ceremonies

Spot bottlenecks easily

Get granular visibility to the development workflow. Inspect each step, and know exactly where to focus the efforts.

Great for

  • Tracking your weekly performance improvement
  • Driving changes within teams
  • Using as Velocity KPIs and OKRs

Filter by teams to find how you can help them the most.

Achieve Engineering Efficiency

Accelerate the deliveries, increase the quality, and mature the engineering practices and processes.

Great for

  • Finding a sustainable and predictable pace
  • Improving the Time to Market
  • Leveling up to an Elite Engineering Team

Filter by teams so that Team Leaders can work with autonomy.

Engineering Efficiency Pillars


Accelerate product deliveries by acting exactly where the bottleneck is.


Find a sustainable pace that enables predictability.

Connect your GitHub or GitLab organization now,
and get full access to your historical metrics in the last 90 days.

Find all the available metrics

Our walkthrough demo introduces you to all available metrics and how they work for you.