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Filter SourceLevel metrics by team!

We are continually polishing and evolving our product. This week, we released an upgrade to the filtering capabilities in SourceLevel. All the three engineering metrics charts (Lead Time with Throughput, Lead Time Histogram, and Control Chart) can display data filtered by any GitHub Team.

How it works

Once you connect your GitHub Organization to a SourceLevel Organization, we import GitHub teams and members’ structure to SourceLevel. We attribute it to the teams the author belongs to at the moment the Pull Request is open.

From that point on, every change in GitHub Teams gets synchronized. You only need to manage your teams in GitHub. SourceLevel automatically does the rest for you.

filter metrics by team

Filter metrics by teams

What if I add or remove a team member?

We know how development dynamics work. Some companies rotate engineers among teams, and developers are hired or promoted. Teams change.

We prepared SourceLevel for this. We understand Team memberships as a Timeline. So, for example:

  • Ann belongs to Checkout Team. She opens a pull request to add a new feature on which she is working.
  • In the meantime, Ann and her manager agreed that it would be better to take part in the Billing Engine. Then the manager quickly changes Ann from Checkout Team to Billing Team.
  • On the first day working on the Billing repository, Ann fixes a bug and opens a pull request.

When filtering the Lead Time and Throughput chart, her manager can state that:

  • The Feature Pull Request belongs to the Checkout Team, even though Ann does not belong to Checkout Team anymore.
  • The Bug Ann fixed belongs to the Billing Team.

What if a developer belongs to more than one team?

If the Pull Request author belongs to more than one team, SourceLevel attributes all the teams to that Pull Request. Let’s say Jake opened a pull request. He belongs to BackEnd and FrontEnd teams.

When filtering the Control Chart by BackEnd Team, the chart includes this Pull Request, just like filtering by FrontEnd team does.

Are you using GitLab?

We will provide GitLab integration soon. If you want early access to this feature, fill this form. We will notify you as soon as the integration is public.

Any thoughts?

Share what you think about our announcement with us! We are open to feedback and doubts. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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