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SourceLevel is changing — we launched a Data & Analytics Platform for Engineering Teams

I’m very excited to announce that SourceLevel is changing, but our mission remains the same.

When I started working on SourceLevel — named Ebert at the time —, my mission was clear: I wanted to help companies leverage their engineering teams. And so we did. We helped many customers to standardize their codebase and improve their code quality by reducing technical debt and code smells.

However, my team and I noticed in the last years that if we wanted to accelerate our customer’s deliveries, we’d need more than helping them to write clean code. We needed to help them visualize and improve their workflows.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped lots of companies to accomplish that. I’ve always been a demanding user of reliable and accurate metrics since my consulting days at Plataformatec. So, we started a new branch in SourceLevel to include Code Review Metrics, as Code Review is at the core of a collaborative workflow.

As soon our customers started using them, new ideas and needs began to pop up. We realized then we should focus entirely on it.

Today we’re launching a new app! An All-in-one Data & Analytics Platform for Engineering Teams.

The new app focused on Enginering Metrics and Engineering Ops

We decided to discontinue the Automated Code Review feature. However, paying customers will have extended access to the feature until they can migrate to another tool.

Organizations created after September 28th, 2021, are redirected to our new app focused on Engineering Metrics and Engineering Ops.

Available integrations are GitHub.comGitLab.com, and GitLab Self-Managed. Soon, we’re integrating with Bitbucket, Jira, NewRelic, CircleCI, and many other tools to provide the best actionable insights to our customers.

We want to measure every corner of the delivery pipeline!

See our Data & Analytics Platform Live: Click here to get a full demo of SourceLevel Engineering Metrics and how they can help your team.

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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