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Announcement: sass-lint and Bandit now are default engines. What does it mean for you?

SourceLevel is changing directions!

After October 1st, 2021, we will focus all our efforts on our (All-in-one) Analytics & Data Platform for Engineering Teams, thus we’re discontinuing the Automated Code Review feature.

We are continually improving our service. As we care a lot for code quality and security, we made two significant changes in our product which impact new repositories:

scss and sass files are linted by sass-lint by default

We set sass-lint as the default engine for .scss files because scss-lint dropped further development. The following quote from scss-lint’s README.md says:

Since the SCSS-Lint project relies on the Ruby Sass implementation, this means it will eventually not support the latest Sass features and bug fixes. Two alternatives worthy of consideration are stylelint and sass-lint, with sass-lint having closer feature parity to SCSS-lint.

Being a maintained project is not the only benefit of sass-lint. It supports both .scss and .sass files. That said, it means that any repository with no .sourcefile.yml explicitly enabling scss-lint runs sass-lint by default for both supported file extensions. Check configuration instructions to learn how to enable it.

Bandit engine included and ran by default for Python repositories

Python programming language allows developers to write code that introspectively looks to itself. In other words, python can read source code and go through data structures that represent the code program itself (AST, if you want to be technical).

Bandit takes advantage of this feature to look for common security issues by analyzing its structures statically. As security is vital for our team, we are glad to announce that SourceLevel added support to Bandit along with many others. It runs by default for repositories with python files.

Feedback appreciated!

Have you got any suggestions or improvements? We want to hear from you so that we can boost and polish our product together! Don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

If you’re looking for a tool to automatically look for style guide adherence, good practices, or security issues, try SourceLevel free for 14 days!

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