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Code Quality tool for GitLab: running linters for each Merge Request

SourceLevel is changing directions!

After October 1st, 2021, we will focus all our efforts on our (All-in-one) Analytics & Data Platform for Engineering Teams, thus we’re discontinuing the Automated Code Review feature.

In June of this year, we announced the release of metrics for GitLab users. Today, we’re proud to announce that SourceLevel fully integrates with GitLab.com. Now, you have both Code Quality and Engineering Metrics in the same product for the market’s lowest price.

Below, there’s a list of features that are available from now on. If you’re running a Self-Hosted instance of GitLab, you can get all the features in beta. You only need to reach out by the message widget on our site or email.

Code Quality features

SourceLevel comments found issues directly into Merge Request.

Run 30+ linters for each Merge Request. SourceLevel plugs into many linters — such as ESLint, pylint, and rubocop — that cover many programming languages — such as Python, JavaScript, Elixir, Ruby, and Go.

Support for a config repository: you can place all group’s linters configuration files into a single repository. It gets more manageable for your team to have a single source of truth for configs and standardize across the group’s repositories.

Get issues directly in the Merge Request: SourceLevel comments problems found by the linters straight to the Merge Request. It integrates the linting process to engineers’ workflow, which ignites healthy discussions, and lessens the code smells and technical debts. Inline commenting is coming soon!

Track the repositories issues history: daily reviews collect the number of issues of the main branch in each category. Engineers can consult the list to easily prioritize, and track the progress of the improvement.

Free E-book: Click here to download the free e-book Decoding Code Review and Pull Requests. Get all the key points and best practices to implement a code review culture.

Start improving the Code Quality of your repositories.

Sign up with GitLab and create an Organization to benefit from the mentioned features. Our trial includes 14 days of free and unlimited usage.

Additionally to Code Quality, SourceLevel provides Merge Request Metrics in the same product. We’re the cheapest SaaS in the segment.

If you’re already an Analytics user, configure your repositories in the Settings > Code Quality menu option.

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